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Click on the name of the club to open the premium list in PDF format. Premium lists will be posted no later than 4 weeks prior to the show closing date. BE SURE TO CHECK THE PREMIUM LIST FOR THE CORRECT ENTRY FEE TO BE SUBMITTED. IF YOU ENTER ON LINE, YOUR ENTRY FEE WILL BE LISTED AS A "DONATION". This is due to Pay Pal calculation limitations. Be sure to add $2.00 for each CLASS to cover the on-line entry PayPal fees. IF YOU SUBMIT AN INCORRECT AMOUNT, I WILL CONTACT YOU WITH PROPER AMOUNT DUE. Your entry is not officially accepted until you have made payment and submitted your entry and I have sent you an official acceptance. Absolutely NO ENTRIES will be accepted after the show closing date/time.



Event Information

 November 3-4, 2018  Hilo Obedience Training Club  AKC All Breed Agility Trials (2), Papaikou.
 November 17-18, 2018  Obedience Training Club of Hawaii  AKC All Breed Agility Trials (2), Enchanted Lake Community Park, Kailua, Oahu.
 November 25, 2018 Obedience Training Club of Hawaii
Premium List
AKC All Breed Obedience & Rally Trial, Jarrett Middle School, Honolulu
 December 1-2, 2018 Hilo Obedience Training Club AKC All Breed Obedience & Rally Trials (2), Kanakaole Multi-Purpose Stadium, Hilo.